“The Trump Card” Is No Winner For Professional Women

Donald Trump is accusing Hillary Clinton of playing the “woman card,” saying that she wouldn’t reach “5% of the vote” if she were a man. What exactly does that mean, anyway? Clinton faces the challenge of convincing America that she is both empathetic and a tough commanding leader. This isn’t a balance that Trump even has to pretend to strike. So perhaps her use of the “woman card” means she is exercising that empathetic side, she is being a woman who cares about “womanish” things. Is that pandering to women? Well for goodness sakes, so what if it is? Someone has to care about women because Trump sure doesn’t (at least not in this way).

Trump is playing his own card, ironically, “The Trump Card,” and its implications extend far beyond the political campaign, effecting every company in which a woman holds a seat of power… or strives to.

A trump card is a playing card that is elevated above its normal rank (that fits!), is used in order to win a trick (that also fits), is used to surprise (yep), in order to gain an advantage (most certainly). Hmmm…

The Trump Card consists of sly pronouncements that reinforce negative female stereotypes. Clinton is “not to be trusted,” “shouting,” “overly emotional.” The Trump Card is a way to divert attention from Clinton’s credentials and achievements, to undermine her by sowing doubts about her qualifications and to distort her achievements into failures. Trump uses this with men as well as women, but The Trump Card he throws at women relates to gender – appealing to the stereotyped assumptions we have lurking in some primitive part of our brains.

So what is the effect of The Trump Card- at least subconsciously- for women in business?

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