Learn to Lead Fearlessly

Woman fearlessly leading a group

Women face different challenges than men, and to be successful leaders, they need to use a different portfolio of behaviors. The Women’s Leadership Blueprint is that portfolio. You can read about these competencies and contemplate if and how you demonstrate them in your day-to day-work.  But to really know how you are perceived, you need input from others.

The WLB 360 uses feedback from your manager, peers, direct reports and others who know your work, as part of your learning and development process.

The assessment is comprised of the nine leadership competencies and the unique behaviors of each – the behaviors that matter most.

The WLB 360 is an online multirater assessment that gives women a platform to rate themselves and to have others rate them on these behaviors. The resulting individual feedback report shows your strengths and development gaps for each of the nine competencies in the Women’s Leadership Blueprint. It also reveals how others perceive your actions and how that compares to how you see yourself.