How Women Can Shatter Stereotypes and Lead Fearlessly
Carol Vallone Mitchell, Annie McKee (foreword)

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When a man strongly asserts his point of view and autonomy, he is hailed as a strong, competent leader. When a woman exhibits the same executive qualities, she is labeled a brusque, overbearing bitch.

How can women leaders break through that brick wall of “bitch”? How can they manage gender expectations and still successfully climb the corporate ladder?

Breaking Through “Bitch” takes an innovative, sometimes controversial approach, using stories from executives at the highest corporate levels to show how women can hone their innate skills, rise to the top, and be effective, outstanding leaders.

It addresses head-on why women cannot and should not “act like men.”

Breaking Through "Bitch":


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Dr. Carol Mitchell, TSP, Talent Strategy PartnersCarol Vallone Mitchell, cofounder of Talent Strategy Partners, has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies and others to identify and develop leaders who will build and nurture a unique workplace culture that drives business results.

She received her doctorate in Organizational Behavior from the University of Pennsylvania where she developed a behavioral profile of success for women leaders. Continuing her research as a practitioner, she developed the Women’s Leadership Blueprint™.

With this expertise and her twenty years of leadership development experience she is a respected consultant, writer and go-to speaker for companies and professional associations. Her passion and success is in helping women lead and succeed, and create better organizational cultures.


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Carly, Hillary and the 'B*tch' Factor

by Carol Vallone Mitchell | @cv_mitchell

Don't Fear the Feminine

by Carol Vallone Mitchell | @cv_mitchell

3 Reasons Women Don’t Help Other Women

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Male Humor versus Female Humor

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"The Trump Card" Is No Winner For Professional Women

by Carol Vallone Mitchell | @cv_mitchell

A Cautionary Tale for Tall Popppies and Women Leaders

by Carol Vallone Mitchell | @cv_mitchell

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How executive women avoid being called 'the B-word'

Review by Anne Fisher | @anbfisher

High-powered bosses who happen to be female manage differently from their male peers.
“Women have to be all the things men are, minus the things we would judge women harshly for,” says an unnamed male executive early on in the forthcoming Breaking Through “Bitch”: How Women Can Shatter Stereotypes and Lead Fearlessly. To get ahead, a female manager “must have the best qualities of being a woman, married with all the best qualities … of being a man... Read more.

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The 3 Keys to Influential Leadership

by Carol Vallone Mitchell | @cv_mitchell

There's one approach to leadership that's known as "command and control." It's when those in authority whip others into gear more or less by force. The other is more nuanced, and it's about using influence to win support and spark collaborative action. Needless to say, the two methods aren't created equal. In today's workplace... Read more.

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6 Reasons Why Women Make Great Innovation Leaders

by Carol Vallone Mitchell | @cv_mitchell

Five of the 23 female CEOs in the Fortune 500 work at technology-sector companies. Two of the five women run a company in the Silicon Valley. These statistics are surprising for an industry that has been regularly labeled a ‘boy’s club’ and spotlighted for its dearth of women in leading roles.

But, it’s not surprising when you review the culture of the companies helmed by women... Read more.

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From the B-word to successful leader: How women can navigate the double bind

by Carol Vallone Mitchell, Guest Columnist | @cv_mitchell

We all know the statistics: while 35 to 40 percent of first-level managers are women, only 5 pecent of Fortune 500s are led by female CEOs. What has been less clear is exactly what is holding women back. Many books and articles have been written and speeches given about such obstacles as family commitments, women’s career path choices, unfriendly workplace cultures, and our society’s discomfort with female leadership... Read more.

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How women can break through: Act like women, not men

by Carol Vallone Mitchell | @cv_mitchell

It’s easy to see why women leaders have to behave differently than their male counterparts in order to be effective. The characteristics of traditional leadership fit male, not female, stereotypes. The stereotyped concepts of “woman” and of “leader” are quite different. Behaviours expected of leaders are viewed as “role-discrepant” when exhibited by women and are perceived more negatively than the same behaviours when exhibited by men. In other words, women who demonstrate male-stereotype leadership characteristics hazard being labelled “bitch”... Read more.

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Moving Up the Ladder - Influential Leadership and Its Effective Implementation

by Carol Vallone Mitchell and Tim Muma | @cv_mitchell and @theLJN

The look and sound of leadership has been evolving for some time, and many subscribe to the idea of "influential leadership" as a more effective tactic in today's work environment. Carol Vallone Mitchell is the co-founder of Talent Strategy Partners and author of "Breaking Through 'Bitch' - How Women Can Shatter Stereotypes and Lead Fearlessly." She talks with Tim Muma about the role influential leadership plays in today's workforce (for women especially), and what traits fit best with this style... Listen here.

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Conversation about Breaking Through "Bitch"

by Carol Vallone Mitchell and James Beach | @cv_mitchell and @entrepreneurjim

Dr. Carol Mitchell is co-founder of Talent Strategy Partners, focusing on behavioral competency modeling, leadership development and organizational culture. An accomplished researcher in gender differences, Carol has developed over 50 competency models used to assess and develop both men and women in all industries. While she has extensive experience with technology-driven companies in the pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare fields, Carol works comfortably across... Listen here.

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Shattering Stereotypes

by Carol Vallone Mitchell and Kathryn Zox | @cv_mitchell and @theLJN

Interview segment starts at 31:07 – Kathryn interviews Carol Vallone Mitchell PhD, author of “Breaking Through B*TCH: How Women Can Shatter Stereotypes and Lead Fearlessly”. When a man strongly asserts his point of view, he is hailed as a strong, competent leader. When a woman exhibits the same qualities, she is labeled an overbearing bitch. Dr. Mitchell uses stories from executives at the highest corporate levels to show how women can rise to the top and be outstanding leaders... Listen here.

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Women's Watch - Shatter Workplace Stereotypes

by Carol Vallone Mitchell and Laurie Kirby | @cv_mitchell and @LaurieWBZ

Interview segment on Thursday, November 19th, 2015 – WBZ's Laurie Kirby gets some tips on how women can shatter workplace stereotypes from author and business consultant Carol Vallone Mitchell... Listen here.


Pat Schaeffer and Carol Mitchell

Patricia Schaeffer and Carol Vallone Mitchell

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